We would love for you to join our team and be a part of our planning committees for our 2021 conference “How Far We’ll Go”!

Below are the descriptions of each committee.

Sponsorship and Donations Committee: 6 people

The Sponsorship & Donations Committee recruit sponsors, exhibitors, and community partners to help underwrite the costs of the annual conference and provide donations for conference bag and raffle. A potential partner is a company or organization whose products and activities either support or are closely related to those the child life community.

Marketing and Communications: 4 people

The Marketing and Communications Committee helps create creative ways to reach out to our social media followers while also helping to ensure all of our conference sessions are all set up with computers, chargers, projectors, screens, and room monitors.

Resource Room Committee: 5 people

The Resource Room Committee provides FACLP shirts, extra raffle tickets,  books, pamphlets and distraction items to be purchased at the annual conference by attendees. They are also responsible for putting together the three conference bulletin boards.

Hospitality Committee: 4 people 

The Hospitality Committee to ensure that the conference attendees feel welcome and have fun. Committee members are responsible for planning and executing the social event as well as providing information about things to do in the local area (i.e. shopping, dining, entertainment, and transportation).

Student Focus Committee: 10 people 

Student members of FACLP will work alongside Student Member-At-Large and Past President to plan student-specific events and resources for Conference and throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees please click on the link below to sign up for a committee.


All members of the planning committee shall be members in good standing of FACLP.

Requirements for the planning committee members include:
-Be a paid member of FACLP
-Attend all meetings (if more than 1 meeting is missed, you will be dismissed from the committee) all meetings will be conducted via conference call
-Be present for the entire FACLP conference, including set up and clean up

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