Abstract Submission Requirements

All abstracts for the FACLP 2023 Annual Conference were submitted on Sunday, June 18, 2023. 

If you missed this deadline, we would love for you to submit your abstract next year!


  1. Presenters and institutions must NOT be identified by name or description in the abstract, grid, or summary. Please do not use a specific program name that is attributed to your hospital. (Think of it as something that is ‘trademarked’ or ‘copyrighted’ to your program).Please use “this author”, “this program”, and “this hospital” in your submission to avoid naming yourself, your institution, or your program. If you, your institution, or program is named in the submission, your abstract may not be reviewed.
  2. Each submission must be written in the third person (e.g. Child life specialists use play to communicate with children in the medical setting.).
  3. Presentations must not attempt to sell or promote any particular product or service at any time.
  4. The reference list as well as in-text citations must adhere to the format outlined by the American Psychological Association (APA). Please see the APA guidelines and resources HERE.


I. Title: The title is engaging and a clear reflection of the topic.

II. Summary: This information should reflect the content of the presentation (limit to 25 words).

III. Learning Objectives and Organization of the Presentation: List 3-5 objectives to describe what attendees will know or be able to achieve at the conclusion of the presentation. (e.g. “By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to…”). Each objective should start with an action verb and include a measurable behavior. Describe the presentation content that fulfills your presentation objectives.Please see the following example:

1) Learning Objective: Participants will be able to …
(a) Content
(b) Content
(c) Content

2) Learning Objective: Participants will be able to …
(a) Content
(b) Content
(c) Content

3) Learning Objective: Participants will be able to …
(a) Content
(b) Content
(c) Content

IV. Abstract: Abstracts must be less than 400 words, excluding the reference list.
References: Any time a statement is made that is based on resources that are not your own thoughts, it must be properly referenced. Use a variety of reference sources that fit with the topic; include peer-reviewed journals when appropriate. The reference list includes only citations used in the body of the abstract. The reference list as well as in-text citations must adhere to APA format (see the APA Website for more details).

V. Domain: Presenters must designate the domain for the topic of the abstract. For more information on Domain and Task, please visit the Certification section of the ACLP website.

  • Domain 1: Ethics (Task 1)
  • Domain 1: Professional Responsibility (Task 2-5)
  • Domain 2: Assessment (Task 1-3)
  • Domain 3: Intervention (Task 1-7)

Important Information

Room Setup: Standard room sets are theater-style, with audience sitting side-by-side in rows (no tables). There will be one head-table with 2 chairs and a podium with a microphone. In addition, meeting rooms will have a PC laptop, screen and LCD Projector. The complete list of provided audio/visual services and equipment will be identified in the speaker agreement.

Confirmation that submission was received: The primary contact will receive email confirmation of receipt through the online submission process. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your submission, review your submission to ensure that all required sections are completed. If you have done so and still have not received confirmation, please contact Hayley Wells, FACLP President at president@faclp.org.

Notification: One presenter should be designated as the primary contact person. All correspondence pertaining to abstract submission will be sent to the primary contact person.  The primary contact will be notified in via email, of the acceptance or declination of each abstract submission.

Acceptance Agreement: Individuals whose abstracts are accepted will be required to sign a contractual agreement with Florida Association of Child Life Professionals that confirms each author’s commitment to speak and present the content of the session as accepted by the Committee. In order to create a balanced overall conference program, the Committee may request changes to the presentation format or length of accepted abstracts; the contractual agreement will indicate any such changes. Presenters whose abstracts are accepted and who agree to present must register for the FACLP conference and are committed to present. If unforeseen circumstances arise affecting a presenter’s ability to attend conference, an alternate presenter must be identified to convey the content that is detailed in the accepted abstract.

Financial Responsibility: Presenters are responsible for all travel, hotel, and related costs. Presenters are allotted $50 off the conference registration fee for a full conference registration and $25 off the conference registration fee for a one-day conference registration. All presenters are strongly encouraged to register by the Early Registration deadline.

Abstract Review Process
The FACLP Call for Submissions is designed to elicit information necessary to review content and organization of proposed presentations. Members of the FACLP Executive Board review the submissions, score and recommend submissions to be selected. Each abstract is rated according to:

  1. Quality of Content – Evaluation of background/literature review, purpose and strength of the objectives; clearly articulated methodology and outcomes as well as relevance to child life practice.
  2. Quality of Abstract Organization – Abstract is readable and understandable with clearly stated lines of logic from one thought to the next. Abstract is presented in an orderly, coherent fashion. Call for Submission guidelines must be followed.
  3. Quality of Writing – Abstract is written in conformity with standard grammatical rules, Has validity/clarity, and correct sentence structure.

Helpful Resources

Please note there are several resources available to help you in writing your abstract: