Section III Election

  1. Ballot: A nomination ballot will be sent to all Members each year to be returned to the President-Elect within forty-five (45) days of the annual conference. If less than one (1) Member is nominated for an office, the President will call together a nominating committee consisting of a minimum of two (2) Executive Board members to complete the slate.
  2. Slate of Nominees: The President-Elect will then develop a slate of nominees to be voted on and returned within fifteen (15) days of the annual conference. The slate of nominees may consist of one or more nominees for each of the Board members to be elected.  In addition, the slate so prepared, will provide each voting Member the option to write-in candidates.
  3. Voting: The Board shall designate the address, location, or system to which votes may be electronically transmitted, in an executed electronically transmitted record. Members shall have no less than a one week period in which to submit a vote.