Development Coordinator:

  1. Collaborate with the Board and Planning Committee in identifying possible vendor sponsors for conference and FACLP programs.
  2. Maintain a database of Partner contact information and promised benefits.
  3. Facilitate/oversee donation requests to help secure partnership for specific events.
  4. Research, write and submit applicable grant proposals.
  5. Reach out to potential sponsors and maintain relationships with current sponsors to retain and increase funding, as well as vendor and member satisfaction.
  6. Work with the Board to ensure that sponsorship levels have adequate funding to support conference and FACLP events, and that the vendors will be satisfied with events they sponsor.
  7. Work with the Treasurer to ensure vendor sponsors are invoiced and submit funding for correct monetary amounts.
  8. Work with the communications committee and Webmaster to ensure that sponsors and logos are correctly identified and listed.
  9. Ensuring that Partners receive promised benefits including thank-you letters.
  10. Act as host and accommodate vendors at events.
  11. Work with the Board to ensure that FACLP programs and services appropriately address the needs of the members.
  12. Work with the Board to improve member benefits that continually strengthen the value of the membership.
  13. Organize and maintain a list of organizations with similar goals and work to develop partnerships and coalitions for members to enhance education opportunities and member benefits.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.