Membership shall be open to child life professionals, students, and anyone seeking or affiliated with the child life profession in agreement with the purpose of this Association. Membership will be for a period of 1 calendar year (beginning the date of sign-up).

Section I         Criteria for Membership

  1. Professional Member: An individual that is employed, seeking employment as a child life specialist, or works as an educator of child life students (community college/university level).
  2. Student Member: An individual who is currently enrolled either part-time/full-time in undergraduate or graduate programs or those enrolled in a child life internship.

Section II        Benefits of Membership

Member benefits will be determined by the Executive Board and listed on the Assocation website. Each member is entitled to one (1) vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the membership.

Section III      Membership Dues and Fee Structure

Member dues will be paid annually. The membership year will begin the date dues are received. Membership dues will be paid directly to the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals (FACLP) and money received will be used for operating costs and for fulfilling the purposes of the Association. The Executive Board of FACLP shall determine yearly dues and its effective date.