1. Record and report all financial transactions of the Association
  2. Collect dues for the Association
  3. Notify any Member whose dues payment has not been received
  4. Notify Executive Board of any Executive/Planning committee member’s dues who are unpaid and who have fallen into delinquency
  5. Authorize, at the request of the Executive Board and at the expense of FACLP, an accountant, nominated by the President and approved by a majority of the Executive Committee, to audit annually all accounts containing FACLP funds and report to the President the finding of that audit.
  6. Provide the President copies of FACLP records, accounts, and/or funds that may be requested by any Member at the expense of FACLP.
  7. Advise the Executive Board of any conditions or facts which constitute or indicate irregularities with or unauthorized use of FACLP funds. This advice shall be written, shall bear the Treasurers signature, and shall be issued without delay.
  8. File all required tax forms on behalf and at the expense of FACLP.
  9. Maintain all records for the Annual Conference, including registration forms and balance sheets.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.