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What is Child Life?
Child life specialists help reduce the stress and anxiety that many children experience in hospital and healthcare settings. Child life specialists can be found primarily in hospitals and are now branching out to pediatric physician and dental offices, outpatient clinics, counseling clinics, and any other environment that includes a pediatric population.       

Becoming a Child Life Specialist
Child life specialists have earned a minimum bachelor’s or master’s degree, with an educational emphasis on human growth and development, education, psychology, or a related field of study.  All Certified Child Life Specialists must complete a supervised 480-hour clinical internship, pass a national examination...   Click Here for More Info    
Florida Child Life Programs

All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg FL
All Children's Outpatient Care Tampa FL
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Orlando FL
Children's Cancer Center Tampa FLChildren's Medical Center @ Tampa General Hospital Tampa FL    
Nemours Children Hospital Orlando, FL          Click here to see a full list

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